Gimme Gimme Gimme

Starring Kathy Burke
and James Dreyfus

Written by Jonathon Harvey

This sitcom from Tiger Aspect (makers of the Vicar of Dibley) is watched by almost seven million people and regularly wins more viewers than any other programme on BBC2. The second series has developed to concentrate more on the characters than the wacky storylines, with less bitchiness between the two flatmates while Linda reinforces her high opinion of herself and Tom looks on with disgust.

Kathy Burke is in fine form as the luscious Linda La Huges, the self-described 'Auburn Jerry Hall', who lives her life trying to fend off romantic approaches from every man who sets eyes on her (or so she thinks!)

James Dreyfus is wonderful as Tom Farrell, the undiscovered acting genius gagging for his big break on the route to stardom. He dreams of being rescued from his dull existance by Peak Practice's Simon Shepherd, his knight in shining armour.

Gimme Gimme Gimme follows Linda and Tom as they try to put up with each other and find the perfect man. The script is so over the top that you just have to laugh, however un-PC it may be! Linda's foul mouth might be vulgar and offensive coming from anyone other than Kathy Burke, who carries off the role with comfortable ease and leads the audience to sympathise with Linda rather than hate her.

The second series is less crude than the first, with less double entendres and less of the characters simply yelling abuse at each other. As a result the programme is much funnier and has been winning over more and more followers.

The millenium edition featured in my opinion, one of the most hilarious scenes I've ever seen on television. Self obsessed and brain-dead Linda plays charades with Tom, who points at Linda during his mime and at once she offers: "Pretty Woman!"
"No, what are you?"
"Perfect, Perfect Day!"
Classic. But maybe you've got to see it!)

Linda's Quotes

"I should've been black. It's only a fluke of nature that I weren't."

(On Madonna) "She is looking so rough in't she?"

Speaking about the Royle Family; Linda says “I hope they’re not on tonight. Moaning Northern ponces… You know that docusoap, the one where they all sit around talking about television and smoking” (Linda of course is staring at the TV clutching a cigarette!) “How many people do you know that actually do that?”

Linda yells at the telly, “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? What a rip off! Phone a friend? What if you haven’t got any friends?”

On herself: “I’m naturally funny. D’you know, sometimes I walk down the street and people just burst out laughing”.

“Oh my God who’s that gorgeous creature? Oh my God it’s me!”
Sound Clips - Linda La Hughes (© BBC)

Linda shows compassion
Miss Popularity!
Naturally Funny
Spitting Image
Linda apologises

shorter clips: (fun to have on your computer!)

Baby doll
So Common
Letitia Dean
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