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Gimme Gimme Gimme
Episode Guide - Series Two

1(another outstanding episode)

Toms decides to become a drama teacher, setting up a school in their flat. For his 
first lesson he manages to convince Linda’s sister Sugar to learn from his wisdom. 
Jez and Suze have a new addition to their family, a life-size baby doll which is 
irresponsibly left in the care of Linda.

Favourite Funny Bit: “Since when has my hair been brown? Oh no, it’s 
Catherine Zeta Jones. I thought I was looking in a mirror!”


Linda and Tom are shocked to find a coffin in their living room, even more so when 
they realise that their landlady Beryl is inside. They start worrying that they’ll be 
homeless and thrown out on the street… until a gorgeous bloke named Pedro turns up.

Favourite Funny Bit: 
Pedro: “Are you Beryl’s sister?”
Linda: “No you cheeky bastard”
Pedro: “You too ugly, you too ugly”
Linda: “No your English, very bad. The word’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.”


Tom brings a cat home in the hope of training it to work in television, 
making them stars. Meanwhile Linda starts writing to a serial killer in prison, 
and when he turns up on her doorstep they plan to run away together… but then he 
falls for Tom.

Favourite Funny Bit: “Tom, I’ve got a date on Friday. You think I’m gonna eat?”


It’s Tom’s 30th birthday and he wants to wake up to Bucksfizz. Linda surprises him
by arranging a party piece, bringing Jez and Suze around to do a birthday dance 
for him. But Tom wanted the drink, not the group. Tom’s dull, boring and prudish 
parents come to visit, so Tom tries to be more discreet about his sexuality. 
He persuades Linda to flirt with his dad in order to scare them away. But everything 
goes wrong when Tom discovers that they have a secret of their own.

Favourite Funny Bit: “I’ve never been to an orgy before. I suppose they didn’t wanna 
put the other ladies to shame.”


Tom and Linda go out clubbing and get completely smashed. Tom spends the night with 
a weird security guard, while Linda wakes up in bed with a woman. She’s annoyed at 
first, until she realises that they did more than just sleep. Meanwhile Beryl goes back 
on the game, and Linda later gets arrested for soliciting. 
“I said to them, do I look like a solicitor? No!"

Favourite Funny Bit: Tom’s friend responds to Linda’s nutty ways; 
“It’s alright, I’ve got a sister with special needs.”


Tom gets to appear in a sofa advert, while Linda stars working on a factory line, 
squirting mashed potato and flirting with her male colleague. Tom makes friends 
with a celebrity and brings him home, but he hates Linda (“Butt out or get pretty!”), 
causing friction in the flat. 

Favourite Funny Bit: Linda swings her bag and knocks a baby out of its 
mother’s arms.
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