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Gimme Gimme Gimme
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Series One


Tom has an audition for a Crimewatch reconstruction, while Linda receives a 
declaration of love from a secret admirer, who she assumes to be her happily married 
neighbour Jez. She tries (one of many times) to attract his attention with her classy 
bright green PVC catsuit while insults his wife Suze by yelling ‘shutup you rake!’ 

Favourite Funny Bit: Linda describes herself as having “the diction of a Merchant 
Ivory Empress”. We later see her at work as a switchboard operator, shouting down 
the phone; “If you can’t say please, don’t bother to ring!”  


Tom has a broken leg so enlists the assistance of a home help called Shirley. 
However Shirley turns out to be an insecure bloke with a girl’s name and not much 
enthusiasm for his job. Linda is made redundant but is cheered up by a motorcycle
courier who asks her out.

Favourite Funny Bit: Linda crosses the road, oblivious to the fact that an old 
woman is being knocked over. When hearing the car beep its horn she waves her
hand and calls out, “Spoken for, sorry!”


Linda’s slapper of a sister Sugar comes to stay, which leads to outbursts of 
sibling rivalry and bitterness from Linda... Until it emerges that Sugar has links 
to the stars, including Liam Gallagher’s phone number! 

Favourite Funny Bit: During one of their bickers, Sugar tells Linda “You can be 
beautiful and part of the real world you know.” So Linda retorts “Don’t
you think I’m living proof of that!?”


Linda is jealous when Tom starts spending time with another woman, even more 
so when he announces he is going to marry her. The wedding ends up being a 
sham, but Linda is offered the job of a lifetime. With a fab dream sequence 
where they appear on the Terry Clinger show.

Favourite Funny Bit: Tom’s complicated wedding plans puzzle Linda; 
“It’s more confusing than Hansel and Gretel… Since when did you live in a house you can 
eat? It twists children’s minds that does… Oh my brain!”


Tom is worried that he’s getting old and boring, so goes out on the pull, 
clubbing. Linda stays in and tries to chat up Jez, calling upon her knowledge 
of black heritage to help her. Or not.  Tom ends up with an Italian stud, or 
so he thinks. With guest appearances from Mel and Sue. 

Favourite Funny Bit: Linda sings to herself while getting ready: “Saturday 
Night da da da da da da da da,” pausing to look in the mirror, “pretty baby!”.

Millennium Edition – (one of the best in my opinion)

Tom and Linda dream up their ideal New Year’s parties, but end up just 
sitting indoors, watching television and playing charades.

Favourite Funny Bit: Linda dreams of bumping into Melinda Messenger at a party, 
who tells her “I wish I could look as good as you in a frock like that”, 
Linda answers back, “Well wish on babe, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!”

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