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The Vicar of Dibley episode guide - Specials and Series 2 & 3

SPECIAL EDITIONS (45 mins long)

THE EASTER BUNNY: With Easter approaching, the Church Committee discuss what they'll be giving up for Lent. David suggests that the vicar gives up eating Chocolate and although Geraldine agrees, will she be able to control herself? Meanwhile Alice is convinced that the Easter Bunny exists and lives in Dibley, but Gerry's even more surprised when she discovers that so do the rest of the villagers!

CHRISTMAS: Geraldine's certainly looking forward to one thing this Christmas, opening the doors to her thirty chocolate advent calendars each day!! But she also has to prepare for her sermon at 'the biggest gig of the year'. Being the popular vicar that she is, Geraldine gets invited to more than one Christmas dinner. She doesn't mind at first, as we all know that she loves her food. However, she gets invited again, and again, and is too kind-hearted to let anyone down, so she ends up having to eat FOUR Christmas meals with at least three courses in each. By the end of the day Geraldine is stuffed!! The excitement of Gerry's Christmas isn't over yet, though. She gets a visit from the 'Songs of Praise' producer, who gives her a rather surprising yet delighting proposal!!


1997: BallyKissDibley - A parish exchange programme leads to Father Peter Clifford from Ballykissangel coming to visit Dibley. He expects to find a normal village with average people - so he's definitely in for a surprise! Alice and Hugo are busy trying to raise money for charity through various sponsoring ideas, and Owen just wants to insult the poor priest! Some of my favourite one-liners are in this episode, which is very short at only around ten minutes long.

1999: Johnny Depp is shooting his latest film in Dibley, and Geraldine wants a piece of the action. She invites him over to the vicarage for a party with his showbiz friends, but because there's a power cut in the village she never actually gets to see any of his guests. So is it really Madonna's bra that's lying in the living room, or has Rory Bremner been having a laugh at Geraldine's expense? David thinks he knows the answer, until the Duchess of York pops back... Guest starring Johnny Depp and Fergie, another very short episode at only around 10 mins long.

Please Note: These charity episodes are not available to buy anywhere on video. They can only be obtained from people who recorded the shows from the television.


EPISODE ONE (40 mins long): Gerry is determined to get Alice and Hugo together for their first kiss, but though this initially seems difficult - once she's set the ball rolling it proves even more hard to split them apart. David of course is against the idea of Hugo dating Alice, and threatens to disown Hugo. Meanwhile Gerry receives yet another marriage proposal- but from one of the villagers, though this time the thought makes her gag! Hugo stands up against his father by making Alice an interesting proposal too!

EPISODE TWO: Gerry helps to set up Dibley's very own radio station. She leads the line up of villagers who've each been allocated a time slot on the station. When Frank starts his broadcast, everyone knows how boring he is so they immediately switch off. However Frank makes a rather surprising announcement, and is thrilled at everyone's kind response. Little does he know that they didn't even hear him...

EPISODE THREE:After Gerry's debut on Radio Dibley, she is asked to feature on BBC radio with presenter Terry Wogan. She then finds herself surrounded by media attention, and it all goes straight to her head. However in the usual, cheesy Dibley style, Gerry soon sees sense and manages to use her status to help the church, with a little help from a pair of tutus and ballet pro Darcy Bussel!

EPISODE FOUR: Well Hugo and Alice prepare for their wedding, but then Alice tells Geraldine something rather shocking that puts the entire wedding in jeopardy. Alice wants Teletubby bridesmaids, Gerry bleaches her hair, tons of fun things happen! (This episode won an International Emmy Award!!)


AUTUMN - Alice is pregnant, David's brother is back on the scene and love is still in the air. But how long for?

WINTER - Dibley puts on a Christmas nativity play with a difference (and a real life twist... gee guess what that'll be!?)

SPRING - The new baby Geraldine Horton is Christened and Gerry receives another marriage proposal from one of the villagers!! But this time she agrees... NOOOOOOOOO!!!

SUMMER - A water shortage hits the village - will Dibley end up at the bottom of a reservoir? Not if our Gerry can help it! They try to attract media attention through protests, but could this be the end of Dibley?

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