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Murder Most Horrid Episode Guide - Series 3 and 4

Series 3: 1996

Girl Friday Sally Fairfax is the devoted PA to executive Nigel Havers, but when she witnesses a murder she finds that she is required to perform some unusual duties. But how far will she go?

A Life or Death Operation: The successful Dr Kate Marshall is faced with performing a life-saving operation on the one person who could ruin her professional career.

Dying Live:When Daisy is fired from her job at an abbatoir she decides to cheer herself up by going on holiday. However when she arrives at the airport, Daisy is mistaken for a contract killer - and is faced with performing a rather different execution!

The Body Politic:When the wife of a politician discovers that she has several dead bodies hidden under their kitchen floor boards, they are faced with a major dilemma. Co-starring Hugh Laurie.

Confess: When Frank Foster is brought into the police station for questioning on a murder case, he has to face officers Hodge and Cole, and their rather different interviewing techniqes. Co-starring Minnie Driver.

Dead on Time:Dawn plays a not very grim reaper, hoping for promotion. But things start going a bit wrong when one particular client is more stubborn about leaving than usual.

Series 4: 1999

Frozen: Dawn plays one of two sisters living in a quiet rural village during the rationing era. So how is it that they're both so plump?

Going Solo: Two women set sail attempting to voyage around the world, but their friendship is faced with the ultimate test when danger threatens and they both decide it's time to make a confession. Co-starring Sarah Lancashire.

Whoopi Stone: A policewoman is forced to go undercover and pretend to be a top gangster in order to crack a case and stop some dodgy dealings.

Elvis, Jesus and Zack: The writer of an obituary column comes to a dull point in her career when there is nothing to write about. Faced with the possibility of losing her job, she decides to make some news for herself. Featuring Sean Hughes.

Confessions of a Murderer: A woman obsessed with TV crime programmes keeps hassling the police confessing to cases they know she didn't commit. But then it becomes a matter of 'the boy who cried wolf'.

Dinner at Tiffany's: Dawn plays a dinner lady who falls for her headmistress, played by Francis Barber. But how far will she go to snare the lady she loves?

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