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Murder Most Horrid Episode Guide - Series 1 and 2

Series 1; 1991

The Case of The Missing: A traffic WPC is suddenly put in charge of a seemingly straight forward murder case which gradually becomes more complex and mysterious.

The Girl From Ipanema: When housekeeper Maria arrives at the house of MP Howling and his wife Lydia, she doesn't quite find things the way she expected. But one day Maria witnesses a violent attack on Lydia by her husband and things start to take a turn for the better.

He Died a Death: Backstage at a London theatre, rivalry turns into suspicion when one of the cast is murdered during a performance.

A Determined Woman: Scientist Rita Proops brings her equipment home to start working on the ultimate invention - the time machine. But this causes friction at home with disastrous results.

Murder at Tea-Time:Bunty is a successful children's television presenter, an expert in sticky-backed plastic and a favourite with the young viewers of 'Write Away'. However, when her younger co-presenter is asked to pose for a wax modelling session at Madame Tussauds, jealousy arises off camera - and Bunty decides to put her young rival in his place!

Mrs Hat and Mrs Red: Mrs Hat is shocked when she bumps into her doppelganger, and ends up following her home. She finds herself literally stepping into her shoes and taking over her luxurious lifestyle.

Series 2; 1994

Overkill: A depressed young woman is saved from suicide and led into an exciting new life as a contract killer. But it's not something that comes naturally to her.

Lady Luck: A chatty hairdresser befriends an armed robber on the run. But can they put up with each other and is it worth the risk?

A Severe Case of Death: A maid disguises herself as a man in order to carry out her vocation as doctor. (Anyone have this episode? EMAIL ME)

We All Hate Granny: A young couple try to get rid of their children's grandmother, but it's not as easy as it seems. (Anyone have this episode? EMAIL ME)

Mangez Merveillac: Struggling author Verity Hodge is given the task of writing about a small village in France. She ends up making up a few porkies to help the book along and as a result it become a huge success. But then the tourists start arriving, and Verity orders the villagers to make a few changes to their lifestyles, which they're not so happy about going along with....

Smashing Bird: An East End bar singer is left alone when her Gangster husband is killed. She sets out to try and avenge his death, but in typical MMH fashion things are not all as they seem.

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